What music inspires you?

In my experience, music can have a tremendous effect on many things in life, including my writing. Mostly as a source of inspiration. Therefore, I have made a separate playlist for songs and pieces that “get me in the mood” for writing. Typically, the music I listen to sets a fitting atmosphere or makes me more productive. Here is a list with music I like listening to while working on my book and stories.

  • Music from The Hobbit (the movie by Peter Jackson)
  • Music from the computer game Lord of the Rings Online (mostly made by Chance Thomas)
  • Music from the computer game Heroes of Might and Magic VI
  • Music from the computer game King’s Bounty
  • “Get to France” (with Maggie Reilly)
  • Music of my own making (The World of Ardalaar)
  • Music from the album Epic Fantasy Adventure by Siren Cues / APM Music
  • Music from the album Dragons, Wizards & Thrones: Epic Fantasy Adventure Trailer Music with the Hollywood Film Music Orchestra
  • Music by The Piano Guys

What music inspires you to write? Feel free to reply with your favorites, or with suggestions for fitting music for writing fantasy texts.

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