Landscape of inspiration

There are many things that inspire me to write my stories. One of them are the breathtaking landscape and nature in Vesterålen, Norway. Every time I come there, the mountains, the ocean, the forests, marshes and not least the midnight sun makes me bring out my computer and start typing. And even when I don’t have my computer handy, my mind starts spinning around ideas and plots.

To make it easier for you to understand how this beautiful landscape affects me, I have put together this video sequence for you. My brother-in-law, Kai Freddy Evensen, has made some great footage from one of the mountains in Øksnes with his drone, and he has given me permission to use it here. The video clips are captured in the middle of the night, so the sun here is the midnight sun (and even a midnight rainbow a the end of the video).

The music in this video is a piece I made for Emergence. It is called “Thilonar”, and when you are able to read part two of the book you will understand why. Enjoy!