Approaching the final stretch of the first book

After having written on this book for quite some time, I am approaching the final stretch of the first book. There are still some pages left to write, and I am uncertain how long it will really be. But I have a clear overview in my head regarding what pieces that will be on the remaining pages. It is an interesting feeling. On one side, I can’t wait to get it done and have the first complete story from the Ardalaar universe on paper. On the other side, I am scared for the moment when I don’t have more story to write in this book, as I really enjoy writing and telling the story. I am guessing that there is a fair chance that there will be more books after this first one. Or some other format. I definitely have more story to tell after this first part.

As usual, the mountains of VesterĂ¥len in the North of Norway is a fabulous place of inspiration.