Emergence: The Prologue

Here is the preliminary prologue from the book:

The River Talmi has three sources, although the smaller rivers from the two lesser lakes down to the Field of Talim have other names before they join the Talmi. Lake Golon lies north of Furdiar, on the outskirts of the empty plains in that region. The river flowing from lake Golon is called Golonia. There are few rapids and falls there, it is mostly running slowly eastwards through the brown desolate lands north of the great desert. 

The Silvar is the lake deep in the Gwarnakh mountains. The river falls rapidly south from the mountains, clear and cold as ice and white with foam. The Dwarves call it the Sûkh-ar-Nizam, which means “one that battles with nature”. The name refers to the river being so wild that it looks like it is battling its way out of the mountains. But after a while, the Silvar slows down and makes a wide turn towards the east. And even further away from the mountains, the Silvar and Golonia join in a larger river, called the Surni. The Surni is full of fish, and most of the few people residing here make a living by fishing in the river and selling their catch in Barsas, further south. The best place for fishing, though, is right south of where the Surni joins Talmi. Fish from all the three rivers gather there, and the place is called Fisherman’s Dream. 

The greatest of the three sources of the Talmi is the Lake Lorin, on the western border of Lorenia. From there, the Talmi flows southwards, east of the Ilkêth Mountains. And it continues in that direction until it meets the Surni and the two rivers continue as one. It flows steadily south and east as a huge snake. There are no falls or real rapids after Fisherman’s Dream. 

After plowing through the Nilkîth, the “Threemountains”, in a deep ravine, the Talmi passes the city of Barsas some miles to the east. Barsas is one of the major cities in Talimar, the southernmost and most populous of the three human kingdoms in Ardalaar. The river continues in a giant turn south and east before it flows straight through the city of Bargens. And finally, after a turn north and then back east it divides into three and flows into the Bay of Tal. The northernmost of the branches of the estuary misses Tanzegrim, the capital of Talimar, by less than a mile. 

Talimar is a strong and proud country, and so are many of her inhabitants. Most people live in the capital or one of the other the major cities. The inland rural areas in Talimar are scarcely populated, the density of people is generally higher close to the coast. But scattered about, there are villages and some estates and castles. One of these villages, lying north of Bargens, on the road to Barsas, was called Alfar. It was a small village with no more than a hundred people living there. They were generally poor and lived off the land. This village is the starting point for our story. 

Please note that the prologue may change before release.


Part one of Emergence ready in first draft

I am glad to say that the first draft of Part One of the book is now ready. I am looking forward to follow the stories into the next part, and to continue working with part one, getting feedback from my friends, rewriting and polishing. Hopefully, it will flow smoothly once it’s done.

I am not going to spoil anything from the tale right here and now, but maybe I will give some glimpses into the story later on.

Part one will probably end up being about 40k words.

The first book: Emergence

I have started writing my first fantasy novel; Emergence. Hopefully, this is the first of several books from the universe of Ardalaar.

Without revealing too much, the book is about a boy named Bregon and his journey towards growing up and discovering his fate in the world. He experiences much and eventually finds a new home in the North. But that is not all…

I hope you will read the book when it comes out, it will be made available primarily as an eBook. (Hopefully, there will be some printed copies as well.)  Being my first book, I cannot promise that this will be a book of brilliant excellence. But I can promise an honest attempt to tell this story (which is growing inside me), and I think that it may be enjoyable and hopefully exciting to those who like fantasy, like myself.

Stay tuned for more!